“EXCOMMUNICATION” can only be done by a Living Guardian

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Amongst the various duties which a Guardian is able to exercise is the Excommunicating a Bahá’í. The Writings of the First Guardian Shoghi Effendi are a clear guidance where he has categorically said that EXCOMMUNICATION can be exercised only by a Guardian.

In another communication again the First Guardian Beloved Shoghi Effendi emphasis that even depriving the Bahá’í of his VOTING RIGHTS they have to be utmost careful.

In another communication again the First Guardian Beloved Shoghi Effendi has prohibited the National Assemblies that they do not have the right to introduce more rules and regulations.

Excommunication is a spiritual thing and up until now the Guardian has always been the one who exerted this power, and he feels for the present he must continue to be. Only actual enemies of the Cause are excommunicated. On the other hand, those who conspicuously disgrace the Faith or refuse to abide by its laws can be deprived, as a punishment, of their voting rights; this in itself is a severe action, and he therefore always urges all National Assemblies (who can take such action) to first warn and repeatedly warn the evil-doer before taking the step of depriving him of his voting rights.”
(8 May 1948, to a National Spiritual Assembly)

1-There are two things which he wishes to impress upon you. The first is that depriving

People of their voting rights is the heaviest sanction which can be imposed at the present time (with the exception of excommunication, which is a right the Guardian has never permitted anyone else to exercise). Therefore, the greatest care should be exerted to try and remedy a situation before depriving anybody of their voting rights, and the action itself should only be taken if absolutely necessary.

2-The other point is that the Guardian is very anxious that no more rules and regulations

Should be introduced by any National Spiritual Assemblies. He has continually impressed this upon the American, the British and other National Bodies. The spirit of the Cause will be stifled, the initiative of the friends killed, and the teaching work come to a standstill if the friends are continually hemmed in by instructions. In view of this, he has instructed the National Bodies to deal with each case as it arises.
(22 December 1956, to a National Spiritual Assembly) [

As regards the need to warn an individual before his voting rights are removed, the basic Principle is expressed in the following passage written on behalf of the Guardian:

…before anyone is deprived of their voting rights, they should be consulted with and lovingly admonished at first, given repeated warnings if they do not mend their immoral ways, or whatever other extremely serious misdemeanor they are committing, and finally, after these repeated warnings, be deprived of their voting rights.

The bogus house has trampled all the Rights of the Guardian because it has abandoned the concept of continuation of Guardianship and in doing so they have broken all the Instructions, orders, Advices given by Our First Guardian Shoghi Effendi and therefore are not eligible to be called as Followers of Bahá’u’lláh.

Therefore the True followers of Bahá’u’lláh appeal to the followers of the bogus house that they should severe all their relationship/ties with this faulty organization and join us in establishing the New World Order of Bahá’u’lláh.

Hand of Cause
Y.H. Taylor
(On Behalf of Orthodox Bahá’í)


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